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Fall & Winter Up-keep & Leaf Removal


minimum per visit.

Leaf clean up pricing can be very tricky. Repeated annual build up from forgotten or procrastinated areas of your property can cause rot and moisture retention. This will render more time and operation costs for quality results. Properties that have received regular seasonal leaf maintenance are more likely to be on the lighter end of a quote. Leaves at this point, typically are loose and won't have a packed sub level and will take less time and operation costs to achieve optimal results.

We typically use mulching mowers for most property leaf up keep as this will compost the leaves and help enrich the soil and turf roost over the winter. However, large dense leaf build up may require traditional, raking removal. 

Some FAQ's

Q:"What areas of my property will leaves be picked up?"

A: Front, side and back portions of properties.

Flower bed areas.

Gutter clean out available.

Q: "Will my lot size be too big or even too small for a visit?"

A: Not at all! We have cleaned up properties as large as

many acres and properties as small as 200 sq. ft. 

Bag collection will be left at curb side for the city trash to carry off. If the city will not pick up bags of leaves , we can haul off and dispose of bags of leaves (please ask for rate).

Most yards will only need a full mowing service once a month for maintenance or curb appeal. Our annual accounts will automatically have these services scheduled either in packaged or individual form.