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Shrub Trimming

    We give a crisp thorough trim with the most professional of equipment and sharpest blade's for the best cut. Our technicians are well trained on various forms of shrubbery. Grassy to perennial hedges are maintained to ensure the health and appearance through all seasons. All weeds (tree weeds) and vines that have become entwined, are removed from the root and not trimmed over the surface with the bush. 

Annual Frequency (optional)

 Vists per month 

April - October


 Off season

(Ask about pruinging)

 (optional/ compreensive)

Bed Upkeep

Pulling, string line trimming, and herbicides are all used for eliminating the weeds from your flower beds. The soil is then overturned and pre-emergent is sprinkled throughout the areas where there will be no planned planting to help prevent more weeds from coming through (optional with hourly bill)