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Our Landscape Management Services 

Mowing Service Mow front and back portions of property (clock-wise patterns when performed weekly). We use the proper mowing equipment on your property. String line trim around perimeters of house, buildings, flower beds, and fence. We trim with definition in all surface utility ports and stone work as needed. Edge all walkways and driveway areas. We have state of the art, professional blowers that guarantees clean flat surfaces, free of all left over debris.

We offer both weekly and bi-weekly mowing services. While bi-weekly is most economical, weekly is encouraged for the best results. Water and fertilizing regularly is an important practice for your turfs health; weekly mowing is just as essential. We sharpen our blades daily to ensure the quality of grass blade, health and appearance. Dull blades tear the tip of your turf's grass blade rather than precision slice. This causes uneven growth patterns and challenges the nutritional value of your turf.

 *We remove all grass mound rows left over by mowers.*

Shrub Trimming

We give a crisp thorough trim with the most professional of equipment and sharpest blade's for the best cut. Our technicians are well trained on various forms of shrubbery. Grassy to perennial hedges are maintained to ensure the health and appearance through all seasons. All weeds (tree weeds) and vines that have become entwined, are removed from the root and not trimmed over the surface with the bush.

Bed Upkeep

Pulling, string line trimming, and herbicides are all used for eliminating the weeds from your flower beds. The soil is then overturned and pre-emergent is sprinkled throughout the areas where there will be no planned planting to help prevent more weeds from coming through (optional with hourly bill)

Fertilization and Weed Control Program

We use the most premium, professional turf fertilizers the industry provides. Our slow release, granular, fertilizer, and pre-emergent products continually feed your turf the proper nutrients 8 times a year. We use Pre-Emergents to help fight those irritating poa and grassy weeds that arrive with the spring. Selective herbicides are used to kill existing crab grass, poa weeds, dallisgrass and other grassy or broad leaf weeds that may be hoarding your lawn without harming the surrounding turf. 

        *We corporate all left over granular fertilizer & weed control left on walkways and driveways*

Sod Installation

There are a variety of sod grasses to choose from; the selection will depend on the area that is being covered. We will educate you on the kind of grass you will need for the desired coverage area and the continual maintenance for maximum potential.

We can pick up and deliver your order or we can have King Ranch Turf Grass, grass farm deliver it to you. Depending on the order amount, it could be more economical to have King Ranch deliver. Please ask for details. We prep the ground of the area where we are 

going to lay your new grass. In some cases, we will use a general herbacide that will eleminate existing grass and weeds multiple days before we break ground. We wil then machine rotatil and apply new soil when needed (compost and top soil combonation).

Other Services

Tree Service

We are also offering tree service in the Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Bedford areas.

We can come out to your property and give you an absolutely %100 FREE estimate on any trimming or removal that you are needing. We traditionally haul off any debris left from the work that we were hired for. We also use experienced contractors from time to time when necessary.

Mulch Installations

We offer hardwood mulch to install in your flower beds. Mulch often helps in the overall maintenance and up-keep of your flower beds and helps retain moisture for your shrubs and other decorative foliage. (We offer bulk rates for the larger areas) .

Over Seeding and Fall/ Winter Rye Installation

A complete removal (Scalping) of your grown turf will be necessary for this service. We bag all the heavy clippings to provide maximum catching and germination of the over seed which will be broadcasted. Our technicians are trained to properly broadcast the over seed across the lot for even non-patchy growth. A professional , slow release, starter fertilizer will be applied along with over seed to ensure full, healthy growth. We will also advise you regarding the best water cycle regiment for maximum results.

In most cases, over seeding will take 6-10 weeks for growth to be seen.

Fall/ Winter Up-keep & Leaf Removal

We typically use mulching mowers for most property leaf up keep and will often bag the clippings however, large dense leaf build up may require manual removal. For most properties, we will leave left over bags on customers curb side. If the city will not pick up bags of leaves , we can haul off and dispose of bags of leaves (please ask for rate).

Most yards will only need a full mowing service once a month for maintenance or curb appeal. Our annual accounts will automatically have these services scheduled either in packaged or individual form.

General Landscape Maintenance

Our services are also available for general maintenance on your properties landscape. We haul away: trees, shrub, non-toxic trash, appliances, unwanted lawn and landscaping ornamentation, etc.

Frequencies & Pricing

Initial service...........$65

Weekly service........$35

Biweekly service.....$45

The above pricing of this service is based on a groomed, interior property ranging 5-8k sq., ft. Overgrown lawns will need to have an on site est. and or will be charged an hourly rate. Taxes are not included in above pricing.