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Inclement Weather & Rescheduling

While we do our best to ensure that we complete our services on the target date, Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC cannot guarantee a specific date nor time of day for service to be completed. Inclement weather and other situations may and do arise, which require us to reschedule or reset our service dates from time to time. When a regularly-scheduled service date is missed due to weather or other causes, we will return the following business day to complete the service. For regularly scheduled service(s): In the event delays push too far past the original service day, your service will be foregone and will simply resume the following scheduled time. You will be notified by email within 24 hours of change.

Service & Cancelation

Seasonal and regularly scheduled service programs: Lawn mowing, fertilizer and weed control, shrub and hedge trimming and or full service landscape management programs, are seasonal auto recurring programs. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC must receive notice of cancellation of any regularly scheduled service program in writing or by phone call 72 hours before the next scheduled service date or before the start of the new season. The same terms apply to monthly and average billed customers with any balances due at the time of cancellation. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC reserves the sole right to allow a "skip" of a scheduled service, based only on our discretion. If a scheduled service is desired to be "skipped", customer must provide at least 24 hours notification. When notification is not given and Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC personnel are notified of the desired cancelation after showing up for agreed appointment; a charge of $25 or 10% of scheduled job (whichever is greater) will be charged as a rescheduling fee, to compensate for fuel, time, and lost opportunity.

Unable to Access Property

Portions of property will be left incomplete if they are unaccessible due to loose pets, locked gates, flooded ground, loose debris, hazardous obstacles, etc. It is the responsibility of the customer to secure pets, unlock gates, control watering, clear debris and obstacles, and remove all animal waste from the lawn areas needing servicing. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will charge a fee of starting but not limited to $20.00+ on properties where animal waste is excessive. We will clean and pickup excessive animal waste and leave it in a plastic baggy on porch.


On any mid- to large-sized project, unforeseen obstacles may arise after the start of the project that hinder its progression or completion. This may require extra time, labor, and compensation for the job to be done correctly. A minimum of 50% total price of any tree, landscape, irrigation, or outdoor construction project will be required before project begins. The balance will be due upon completion.

Lawn Treatments

Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will not be responsible for sick or dead plants, grass, flowers, hedges, trees, or any other piece of landscape that suffer from a combination, excessive amount, or wrong selection of fertilizer or weed-control products, if customer has applied or hired another party to apply such products without informing our office. Customer should be aware of their responsibility of whether or not to mow, irrigate, and/or restrict traffic after our lawn treatments.


Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC may use sub-contractors for various tasks such as fencing, irrigation, tree work, material handling, transportation, etc. In consistency with our solid business ethics and standards, we attempt to work only with sub-contractors who share our same core values and convictions. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC requires that all sub-contractors be fully insured before allowing them to work on our customers' properties. Should a customer directly hire one of our sub-contractors to perform a job beyond what was initially agreed upon, Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will not be held responsible.

Damaged Property and Injured Parties

We do our very best to observe, work around, pick up, or avoid all obvious belongings and obstacles that may get in the way of our technicians. We use caution when working around your property and landscape. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will not be held responsible for damages to items such as irrigation heads, wires, plumbing, personal belongings, lawn ornamentation, pet accessories, and desirable plants when covered by overgrown grass, leaves, or debris. Working near beds of loose rock, gravel, wood chips, and other materials can be hazardous to people and property. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will not be held responsible for injury to people, pets, or property caused from the propulsion of loose rock or other debris. A customer should never approach, stand near, or interfere with a technician who is working with or around machinery. Likewise, a customer should never attempt to use the equipment of or assist in the work of a technician. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will not be held responsible for injury to people, pets, or property caused from contact with a technician, vehicle, or machine.

Compensation & Default

If amount charged for services has not been collected prior to completion of service, an invoice for the total amount due will be e-mailed to customer immediately following completion, and credit/debit card will be charged shortly thereafter. For customers who are billed monthly, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC considers "past due" any invoice for which payment has not been received within 15 days of invoice date. For "past due" invoices, Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC will apply a fee of $15.00 or 10% of total invoice - whichever is greater - which will be charged in addition to original invoice. Delinquency of payment will cause interruption of service whether or not the agreed upon term/job/contract has been completed. Southern Sons Landscape Management, LLC reserves the right to sell delinquent accounts to collection agencies, place restrictive liens upon customers' homes and properties, and legally repossess any and all materials for which debt remains outstanding. A $25.00 non-sufficient funds fee will be collected along with original balance for all bounced checks.