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Wood Fence 

Starting prices for pine, pressure treated fencing, Including steel post (Installed): 

$20.00 - $25.00

per linear foot

While a beautiful new fence is a great backdrop to your families or business outdoors living, it must serve its original purpose of security. A new fence keeps the little loved ones in and local undesirables out. Proper construction and the right materials used for your fence investment will maximize each of the above purposes.

When installing and doing repairs on fences, every case is different. Installs and repairs could solely be hardware and construction remedies. Other situations may call for additional work to ensure the quality of the project and longevity of your investment.

Design, construction, and even city ordinance, creates a plethora of variables for pricing. However, we do have some ideal starting prices for our fence services that are regularly being done in your area. 

More Information

Stone Work

On site quotes


Pricing and time frames depends on multiple factors for stone and masonry.

Desired stone

Our suppliers quarry their stone and rock from different areas of the nation. Rarity, availability and transportation are all factors that go into the cost of the rock you select.


Unlike maintenance and flower planting, stone work takes careful time. Cutting and positing on a layout requires significant time and foresight to ensure quality.

Mixes & Setters

Mixes may take time to set before allowing us to move forward on the next step of the project.

Ground level

The ground dictates time and cost of the job. More-often than not, leveling is a required step for prepping. 


Wich service are needing?
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